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eMudhra Digital Signatures

eMudhra Digital Signatures are legally valid and are being used extensively by hundreds and thousands of individuals for secured internet banking, filing of forms to government agencies, applying for loans, applying for insurance policies etc., easy to use, cost effective and legally valid. eMudhra Digital Signature Certificates are accepted by : Best Mumbai, Govt of West Bengal, Income Tax Department of India, Punjab National Bank, Indian Railways, MCA21, NIC Chennai, NIC Orrisa, NSDL, C1India, IRCTC, NIC Orrisa, Air India, DGS & D


(n)Code issues all classes of Digital Certificates. It has pioneered many practices like, 2 year validity DSC, DSCs only with e-Tokens etc at the national level. Digital Certificates issued by (n)Code are being used as means of authentication and identification in various projects including e-procurement at state-level, IFFCO, Railways, NTPC, DGS&D and many more. (n)Code also is a major supplier of Digital Certificates used for e-filing purposes at DGFT and RoC, e-ticketing at IRCTC, filing at STPI and online application filing at Indian Patent Office.

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Sify (SafeScrypt)

Sify offers Digital Certificates & PKI Services which includes SSL Certificates by globally recognized Verisign Secured Seal, Managed PKI for SSL Certificates, Digital Signature Certificates which are used to sign documents or web based transaction and includes SafeEXIM – DGFT, Norther Railwasy Vendors, Online Tax Filing, Eastern Railway e-procurement etc.

TCS Digital Signatures

TCS-CA provides a comprehensive suite of digital certificate services ranging from Personal Digital Certificates and SSL Certificates to Managed PKI Services for deployment. TCS issues personal Digital Signature Certificates to individuals, companies and government organizations. They can be used both for personal and commercial purposes such as e-procurement, electronic banking, electronic data interchange (EDI), and membership-based on-line services, where security is a major concern. TCS-CA offers 128-bit SSL Web Server Certificates, a proven, cost-effective solution for securely conducting business over the Web.

Customised offering of TCS include MCA21 e-Filing, DGS&D e-Tendering, Directorate of Commercial Taxes, West Bengal, Patent/Trademark e-Filing, Norther Railway e-Procurement etc.

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